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Empathetic and kind human being.


Pamela’s mission is to connect with people providing emotional support as a Life Coach.  1:1 Sessions are focused on providing a safe space to explore open dialogue and personal guidance for personal-growth, improving self-awareness, intrinsic motivation, and also holding space for mind exploration to facilitate inner healing and spiritual awakening before,  during, and after your microdosing cycle. 

After living in Brazil, Argentina, and Spain. She has had in-depth contact with different cultures and has seen firsthand the value of personal guides.


Her long-time Buddhist practice in Soka Gakkai International has also taught her to connect with her Inner-Self, focus on the present moment and get the best out of life.

She believes that as human beings, a holistic balance between mind, body, and soul supports a better exploration in our microcosm, to wisely flow in the external world.

Pamela has acquired a rich background in psychedelic medicine and mental health, including certification and significant research experience in the field. Her journey started as a research assistant at Family and Culture Lab. included being a mentor in the Motivation Program, as well as a researcher at Project LEAD - Language, Emotions, and Development focused on children's development, Psychology Department at UC Berkeley.


After 2 years working in Project LEAD, Pamela transitioned to a role as a research assistant at BCSP - Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics.

While at the BCSP, she actively contributed to the development of the Psychedelic Facilitation Certification Program. Her primary role revolved around designing the comprehensive protocol for psychedelic facilitators, further bolstered by her responsibilities as a research assistant in the Lab.


In 2023, Pamela completed the "Psychedelic and the Mind" course certified by BCSP, further solidifying her expertise in this transformative field.

Internationally Pamela has completed a certification in Psychedelics and Mental Health by Phaneros Institute, Brazil. And recently completed a training program in psychedelic medicine. She has achieved certification for microdosing coaching from The Science of Psychedelic by Microdose.


Offerings are available in Spanish, Portuguese, and English*.

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